Redman Wines is delighted to announce the sale of Redman Vineyard and Winery to Bergstrom Wines.

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REDMAN 2017 ~ A TALE OF TWO SEASONS. The 2017 vintage was completely different from the previous three years, when vintners harvested their grapes earlier than normal.

January and February brought cold temperatures with snow and ice! Cold weather continued in Spring and it was rain, rain everywhere! This cold wet weather delayed bud break and flowering to the end of June. Setting the stage for a later harvest. Cathy was ecstatic about the possibility of a mid-October harvest. The clouds cleared and beautiful blue sunny skies came to Ribbon Ridge mid July. Very warm day conditions and no rain prevailed for 70 days straight. Veraison was August 17 through September 3. Fruit set was higher than average, we dropped fruit to slightly over 3 tons per acre to allow for pristine fruit quality, full mature flavors and softer acids.

Our typical pre-harvest inch of rain brought 1.5 inches of rain in mid-September. The rain coincided with cooling weather for 10 days. These conditions were a welcome sight for preserving acids, allowing the fruit to hang and gather full flavor. Redman Vineyard produced soft, rich, deep flavorful fruit. The clusters were plentiful, bright and clean; excellent characteristics! Redman Vineyard fruit matured at different times from September 20th to October 11th. We had the picking crew out on six different occasions with the Pinot Blanc and Arneis the last fruit to go into the picking bins. This was a delightful harvest: fun, exciting and so rewarding!

The 2017 Pinots are very pure, nice floral and red fruit notes with great textures and mouth feel.





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