Redman Wines is delighted to announce the sale of Redman Vineyard and Winery to Bergstrom Wines.

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REDMAN 2014 Oregon summer was GLORIOUS! The growing season got off to an early start due to continuous warmer than average temperatures throughout the summer. The sunshine and warm days started in mid-May and continued through mid-October. 2014 had 29 days above 90 degrees, more than 2003's 24 days, then the warmest vintage worldwide. We had very little moisture and our warm days averaged 80 degrees in July and August.

Early BUD BREAK occurred on April 15th. BLOOM - Flowering was first observed on June 6th. Abundant berry set led to slightly larger sized clusters with generous cluster counts. The warmer and drier than average growing season resulted in extremely low disease pressure and provided ample sunshine for the grapes to develop beautifully, complex flavor profiles. VERAISON was underway by the middle of August and full color was observed by the first of September. First picking day was September 17th, continued on the 21st and completed harvest on the 27th. A very early pick this year, the fruit is perfect condition; ripeness full, acids a bit soft, colors showing deep and fruit luscious even before ferments really get started.

The 2014 growing season resulted in pristine and plentiful fruit with intense colors and concentrated flavors.

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