Redman Wines is delighted to announce the sale of Redman Vineyard and Winery to Bergstrom Wines.

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Cool start but later season warm temperatures delivered an early harvest; September 21.

We experienced plentiful crop with larger than normal, ripe clusters.

Redman Vineyard on Ribbon Ridge experienced dry, cold winter and early spring followed by a mostly warmer and drier than normal May through September. Above high temperatures offered good overall growth and ripening conditions.

The temperature had wide swings with both record high and record low temperatures, the effect it had on plant growth and fruit quality was good. The July heat wave that brought several days of extreme temperatures produced some sunburned clusters, but our higher crop levels allowed for removal of sun affected berries, they were removed on September 9. In August Redman Vineyard dropped 50% of its clusters to produce quality, not quantity. Average cluster weight for the 4th year Pinot Noir was .23 lbs and for 3rd year Pinot Noir and Chardonnay it was .20 lbs.

Redman Vineyard young vines produced a healthy crop of large, tight clusters that ripened evenly thanks to the late season warm weather, picking conditions were ideal.

On Monday, September 21, pickers arrived at 6:45 AM and were in the vineyard with buckets and clippers at 7:17 AM, all 40 of them. They completed picking just under 23 tons of fruit at 1:30 PM.

The fruit was then trucked in totes to Adelsheim where they are in the fermentation stage. View the Wine page for updates on the Redman Wines 2009 Pinot Noir and Chardonnay crush.

Harvest was GLORIOUS. I felt joy once again as I continue the journey to grow grapes and produce REDMAN Wines. Blessings to the wine community, friends, family and Results Partners as the help make my dreams come true.

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