Redman Wines is delighted to announce the sale of Redman Vineyard and Winery to Bergstrom Wines.

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About Us

Bill & Cathy Redman's interest in Oregon wine began in 1978... when we attended wine tastings in Portland, Oregon. With each tasting event we wanted to learn more! We attended seminars and enrolled in wine and vineyard classes at Chemeketa Community College. Soon we were planning our vacations around wine; Oregon and Washington wine communities, Napa, Sonoma, and France. We attended auctions and events supporting the people that make this great Oregon wine industry so successful. At the auctions we won many packages that enabled us to participate in harvest and crush, dinners and more wine tasting and tours.



In 2003 Bill experienced a very difficult and heartbreaking year. New Years Eve, 2003 Bill and Cathy sipped their Oregon Pinot Noir wine and decided 2004 was going to be their year. We were determined to set new goals and wanted to WORK TO LIVE, NOT LIVE TO WORK. As we set our goals and dreams we asked ourselves "what would we regret not doing if we passed away, tomorrow?" We want to grow our own grapes and produce our own wine. With that focus, we wrote a vision statement detailing everything we needed to fulfill our dream.

We completed that vision statement, March, 2004. We found our property three weeks later on Ribbon Ridge. We stopped by the barn and gazed into the Hazelnut Orchard. Ray Nash, the owner came over to our vehicle and told us he was “thinking about selling and would we like to take a closer look?” Would we! Well, that was Thursday. On Sunday we put down our earnest money. We took possession of our dream on July 1, 2004.

Now the work begins; permits from Yamhill County, licenses from the OLCC and bonding from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, paperwork, sweat and tears. We gutted the old pole barn and built our winery, remodeled the tractor barn to look like new and started the transformation from Hazelnut Orchard into Redman Vineyard…….take a look at the Vineyard page and Wine page for our story.

Bill Redman, In Loving Memory

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